Despite Covid: GIESEPP continues until September 2021

GIESEPP has now opted for an extension up until the end of September 2021.

Full Coupling Tests GIESEPP-1L/2L with RIT-10

After last year´s first achievement GIESEPP has geared up once again: A fully coupled Electric Propulsion System consisting of the RIT-10 Thruster Unit, the T5-Neutralizer, Flow Control Equipment and a down-sized PPU was brought to life.

GIESEPP further pushed forward with GIESEPP-MP

With GIESEPP project programmed to find an end in 2021 the development is nevertheless not yet at the term of activities. To take this into account another EU-funded campaign will host a new project GIESEPP-MP that will cover the seamless continuation of the activities. Budget period covers from January 2021 up to the end of 2023.

Coupling Test GIESEPP-1G for GEO

The GIESEPP team is taking the next milestone: Set up for a full coupled propulsion system with ArianeGroup´s RIT-2X 5-kW-thruster unit, AST GmbH´s Flow Control Unit (FCU) and Electronic Pressure Regulator (EPR) and CRISA´s Power Processing Unit (PPU).

GIESEPP Strategic Adaptation

Change in Teaming and Setup: Mars Space Ltd to take the lead in T7-Thruster Development.

Coupling Test GIESEPP 1L/2L for LEO on Preliminary Setup

Despite all COVID impacts and against all odds the GIESEPP team has progressed one step forward: Coupling ArianeGroup´s RIT-10 thruster with QinetiQ´s T5-Neutralizer and AST GmbH´s flow control equipment (FCU, EPR, RADICAL) has demonstrated the perfect cooperation of all related devices for the very first time.


At the Advanced Space Technologies Facilities in Bremen/Germany, the GIESEPP consortium presented to the European Union and to the national agencies the preliminary design of the GIESEPP 1L/2L configuration on a meeting that took place in Q4/2019.

GIESEPPs Preliminary Design Review PDR for the 1G Configuration

At the ArianeGroup Orbital Propulsion Facilities in Lampoldshausen/Germany, the GIESEPP consortium presented to the European Union and to the national agencies the preliminary design of the GIESEPP 1G configuration.

Key Point 1 Meeting for GIESEPP Partners in Bremen

On the 31st of March 2017 was the “Key Point 1 Meeting” with all the GIESEPP Partners. The meeting was held at OHB in Bremen/ Germany. The day was dedicated to discussions concerning GIESEPP first high level requirements on the basis of different mission scenarios.

GIESEPP Consortium Granted Horizon 2020 Agreement for the Development of a Standardized Gridded Ion Engine Systems

The EU Horizon 2020 program granted to the GIESEPP (Gridded Ion Engine Standardised Electric Propulsion Platforms) consortium a contract in the frame of EPIC program to develop two standardized Gridded Ion Engine Systems (GIESEPP), including…