At the AST – Advanced Space Technologies Facilities in Bremen/Germany, the GIESEPP consortium presented to the European Union and to the national agencies the preliminary design of the GIESEPP 1L/2L configuration on a meeting that took place in Q4/2019.

The 1L and 2L configurations are GIESEPPs solutions for the electric propulsion demand of LEO platforms, either standalones or in part of a constellation. Again, thanks to its modularity and building block qualities, it can be also used for other applications in space, with little adaptations, such as SK in GEO and orbit topping. During the PDR session, the preliminary design on subsystem and equipment level was assessed by the consortium partners and experts from EU, ESTEC and the national space agencies, the main requirements were presented and discussed with the development plan and schedule on the same way it has been done for PDR-1.

With the successful 1L/2L PDR, the GIESEPP team is proud to show to the electric propulsion community its commitment and passion towards the improvement of the competiveness in this field by significantly reducing the costs and increasing the Gridded Ion Engine systems capacities. Making them more affordable and attractive. The GIESEPP consortium will now execute procurement, manufacturing and test preparation activities to be ready for the crucial system validation in relevant environment, in order to achieve TRL 5/6 starting Q1/2020.

More information about the 1L/2L can be find on our updated Program Overview Portfolio.

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