Mars Space ltd

Mars Space Ltd

Unit 61
Basepoint Business Center
SO14 5FE
United​ Kingdom

Mars Space Ltd (MSL) is a fast growing innovation focused SME providing services and consultancy on space propulsion and plasma engineering and science. The main areas of expertise lie in electric propulsion and plasmas, including the space environment.

Mars Space is currently developing and qualifying a series of innovative propulsion concepts to increase the capabilities and commercial value of cubesat and pico, nano and microsatellite by providing them with flexible and affordable propulsion systems to fit their needs.

In addition to this Mars Space is closely collaborating with leading companies in the telecommunication satellite sector to develop advanced propulsion systems and components for telecom satellite orbit raising, station keeping, safe maneuvers and de-thumbing.

Our project team

Dr. Francesco Guarducci

Dr. Francesco Guarducci

Research Engineer / Head of Modelling

Francesco Guarducci is head of modelling at Mars Space Ltd. He has been testing and modelling plasma thrusters for the last 8 years, focussing in particular on gridded ion engines and working on the qualification of the T6 thruster for the BepiColombo mission.