GIESEPP Consortium Granted Horizon 2020 Agreement for the Development of a Standardized Gridded Ion Engine Systems

The EU Horizon 2020 program granted to the GIESEPP (Gridded Ion Engine Standardised Electric Propulsion Platforms) consortium a contract in the frame of EPIC program to develop two standardized Gridded Ion Engine Systems (GIESEPP), including Gridded Ion Engines (GIE), Power Processing Unit (PPU), Xenon Propellant Management System (XPMS) and Neutraliser Cathodes, to meet the future needs of the competitive GEO Telecoms and LEO Constellation markets. The Consortium Partners are Airbus Safran Launchers, QinetiQ, Airbus Defence and Space, AST Technologies, Mars Space and the University of Southampton. Project kick-off took place 16th of January of 2017 at the Airbus Safran Launchers Facilities in Lampoldshausen/Germany. During the kick-off also delegates from the different national agencies and the EU coordinator were present.